We try to give our customers the best service we can.

Music composition

Externally available lyrics are tuned by experienced musicians and post production is provided as required

Music programming

Composed lyrics are Music programmed by the program experts in the field of music

Live instruments

With the help of experts from inside and outside of India, we do the live musics with
instruments like flute, violin, guitars, rhythms etc…

Mix and master

After Music programming and live instrument recording the best quality of mix and master are done by Instruments reputed sound engineers in India and abroad, which will be provided in an audible manner.

Video production

Videos of D-Musics songs are made at the highest level, Including Studio Shoot, Full band Shoots, Outdoor Shoots  And Concept Shoots etc.

Song distribution and copy rights

Composed and produced songs are copyrighted in their own name or in the name of a designated company with permission of the song writer and music composer. It will be available at various digital music stores (iTunes/Spotify/Amazon Musics/JioSaavn etc.) around he World.

Releasing and online digital streaming

D-Musics productions songs or outside production songs will be released in D-Musics banner or client suggested platforms, And it will be available on all digital platforms.

Channel distribution

All the songs released under the D-Musics banner are streamed for free on various channels .

Gospel messages shoot and post production

All gospel messages in various languages are shooted and produced inside and outside of India and released under the D-Musics banner or client suggested platforms.

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